Sydney XenApp Projects: Powershell assignment of apps

During our XenApp projects in Sydney, we always seek ways to keep things simple for customers and not making systems overly complex and hard to manage.  While Citrix XenApp does have lots of the key tasks available in the Graphical User Interface, many handy functions still rely on a little powershell knowledge.

One good tool to have at hand is the command that will assign published applications to an additional Delivery Group.  We used this command on a XenApp services project in Sydney recently where a bug in the latest release of XenApp (7.12 at the time) required that we recreate the Delivery Group.  Rather than waste loads of time re-publishing dozens applications manually through the GUI to a new delivery group, we used Powershell to assign the applications in just a few minutes.  The command is


Add-BrokerApplication -Name "Publised App Name" -DesktopGroup "Delivery Group 1"


Just replace “Published App Name” and “Delivery Group 1” with the respective name, and you can queue the commands up one after the other where multiple published apps must be reassigned.

The Citrix documentation for the command is located here.