Avanite CTO Live Webinar: Accelerating Windows Logins

Avanite Webinar: Listen to the recording – Here

Avanite CEO Peter Jones and Peninsula IT Technology Architect Stephen Laird will take listeners on a 45 minute journey to understand the technical pain points that enterprise IT Infrastructure teams are challenged with on a day to day basis including profile bloat, overstretched storage, and delayed log on times and how an enterprise can cost effectively manage the user experience and increase productivity.

How well do you really understand WebData?

Peter and Stephen will help listeners to understand what Windows WebData really is, and how poor management of WebData leads to slow user logins, poor employee experience, and high storage costs. Learn about effective management of WebData on modern Windows operating systems and how this can help to:

  • Accelerate Login times by 60%
  • Manage Internet Cookie Retention for speed and security
  • Reduce infrastructure and IO needed for user profiles
  • Improve employee satisfaction with Citrix XenApp and VMWare Horizon RDS desktops and applications in particular

Listen to the recording here: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/1092261847030406667

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