Engaging with Peninsula IT

At Peninsula IT we provide a free pre-sales meeting to kick off our customer projects.  When engaging with us, our consultancy services are charged in three ways:


⇒  Fixed price consulting projects

For these projects we closely scope the project to ensure that all requirements are laid out and agreed in order to meet fixed budgets and outcomes.  Our free pre-sales appointment is used to begin the project scoping process.



⇒  Time and Materials engagements

For small or large projects, ad-hoc support, and staff augmentation services we can charge hourly rates for our expert staff.  Contact us for details of our competitive Time and Materials rates.



⇒  Ongoing consultancy and support services

We offer ongoing support and consultancy services to our customers on a prepaid basis at 15% below normal Time and Materials rates.  The prepaid credit is drawn down as hours are used by our staff on customer projects and systems.  Prepaid credit hours are valid for 1 year from the time of purchase after which time the hours expire.


Contact us to discuss how we can help on your next Cloud and Mobility project.


Engaging Peninsula IT Sydney Cloud and Mobility Consultants