Mobilise your business!We help you make sense of Cloud Computing for your BusinessGet the most out of your IT systems

Mobilise your business!

We create a seamless workplace that enables full productivity from anywhere.


We help you make sense of Cloud Computing for your Business

Is it time to stop hosting your own hardware and move that database or app to the cloud? Ask us for a Cloud Readiness Assessment.


Get the most out of your IT systems

Already made a big investment in IT systems and not ready to move to the Cloud? We can assess and tune your existing IT systems to help maximise performance, stability and security.


Peninsula IT Services | Sydney Cloud and Mobility Consultants

Peninsula IT Services is a Cloud First and Mobile First technology consultancy in Sydney offering decades of experience and expertise in Enterprise Security, Workspace Delivery, and IT Service Management.

With a technology background including finance, insurance, public sector, and small business, we focus on providing secure and simply managed IT solutions.  At Peninsula IT Services we leverage your existing investments and the best of Cloud computing to provide the simple, stable and secure IT solutions that you expect.  From our base in Sydney, our experienced IT, Cloud and Mobility architects can deliver quality IT projects and services across Australia.

We are experts in configuring Working from Home and Remote Access solutions for your staff and business.

As a Cloud First and Mobile First business, we help our customers free themselves from endless cycles of server upgrades and software upgrades.  With the explosive growth of Cloud based services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Office 365 and Azure from Microsoft, our customers often choose to move their email, database or server application to the Cloud.  By swapping the significant cost of local upgrades every few years for a rock-solid, cloud-based platform that provides performance and future proofing, our customers change their view that their IT systems are a difficult-to-manage burden that costs thousands of dollars every few years to upgrade, to IT now as a service that “just works” with much lower subscription based pricing.

AWS Consulting Partner Sydney | Peninsula IT

We partner with AWS, Microsoft, Citrix, and other industry leaders in Sydney and Australia wide to provide our customers with the inside knowledge needed to ensure their technology, cloud and mobility services work as needed without huge overheads and ongoing expense.  By the clever use of system automation and subscription pricing, we can make sure your technology is there when you need it, but not burning cash when its not needed.

Take a look at our Mobility and Cloud offerings or call us on 02 8091 2324